Who Are Your


You ever wonder why the number 10 has
become widely popular throughout the globe?
Think about it for a moment.

1. “Top 10 ways” to do this.” 

2. “The top 10 travel destinations”.

3. “The top 10 restaurants.”

The possibilities are endless. “Is this by chance” you say?

Not at all, so let’s explain. Would you believe there’s a bit of Science to it? Nature gives us 10 fingers and 10 toes and through time the number 10 became the basic of our number system. Who knew right? So how does the 10Core Strong Philosophy come into play? We at Versuasions believe despite technological advancements which have widely contributed to the different means to communicate, You and the people who work at Versuasions have 10 people who mean the world to us.

Not 50 ! Not 100 or the 1000 followers on your social media page. 10! Dix, diez, दस دس . Who are they?

They are those 10 people who influence our decisions during the good and bad times. Your 10Core Strong are the “real influencers.” Real people that impact our lives positively. They build our character, help our esteem and motivate us to by offering wisdom, knowledge and a different lens from which to view the trials of life as “the journey”. Your 10Core Strong?



A Father!– The leader, the professional and the teacher who cares. The man who straddles every day burdens to ensure his family has the ingredients for success. He smiles through the drama every day life presents. Remember his most desired feeling are those few words of love that acknowledge his efforts. 


A Mother! – The nurturer, the pro, the guardian and graceful dove. She is the indelible glue of any beloved family. Her warm continuance provides faith to those she encounters. Mom is the one that embodies strength because she has grown to experience life’s valleys and peaks. Remember her greatest asset is her ability to respect others. A commendable virtue passed through her family. Remember the word respect as we too, acknowledge Mom..


A Brother!– He’s shy at times, guarded though he would classify such “reserveness” as being a maverick. Normally he doesn’t care what people say or think but deep down in his heart he needs to feel valued. Will he say something to the effect? No! Why? Societal reasons? I’m sure he will have a problem addressing his true thoughts after all, remember he’s a self proclaimed maverick. Yet on occasion it would be nice to convey messages to reference celebratory events or accomplished milestones. Let’s remember he is human and feels. What do you say to a person who participates within social media in miniscule ways? The alternative? You use a Emotional Tiles powered by Versuasions!


A Sister! – She’s extremely kind hearted when dealing with friends and family. But don’t take her kindness for ANY weakness because certain circumstances have caused her to show her “assertive” side proven to be unexpected to many. Let’s just say a trait passed down from her parents. But there is a silver lining here. Yes she’s motivational, inspirational and quite the observer ( a reason why she is very picky when choosing who should be her friend). Her motto? Friendship isn’t something guaranteed, you have to earn the right. Obviously she takes friendship seriously. Can you blame her? Nevertheless as demanding as she may seem, she enjoys friendly banter and the brilliance of the human mind. Basically the science behind how and what we say captivate her. Let’s respect her wishes and convey thoughtfully and intellectually!


A Son!– could be an Adult or Adolescent! An individual who has tremendous ambition as his quest to become the best version of himself continues. He is busy. He is energetic. He is love, yet wisely cautious to whom he shall give love. At his age he’s seen enough technology but would fully admit he would to receive an alternative beyond a text. He really won’t address this because he’s pretty busy. But wouldn’t it be nice to communicate with him in a different way which acknowledges his value.


A Daughter!– An individual who imbues inner and outer beauty. To some she’s a confidant while remaining a motivating factor to others. Despite her age, she too is well versed in the benefits and trappings of social media and the internet. And so we can’t take her value lightly. Awareness is her unyielding quality. We need to make sure at all times we convey the right message. She’s waiting patiently.


A Wife!-She has decided to devote her life to the man of her dreams. There is no question she is the perfect partner and confidant to her husband. Her exquisite mannerism demonstrates she’s the perfect role model for her children. Virtuous in natural. Owner of a compassionate heart. But never doubt her strength especially when it relates to everything family oriented. Psst, as a wife she demands excellence. Should we not extoll her presence by acknowledging her spirit in ways that are thoughtful and appropriate? 


A Husband!–He has made the decision as his vows outline and will continue to abide by his promise through and through. He enjoys the companionship with his bride but lauds the word family. One of his “courage” qualities is realizing best decisions are made when husband and wife continue to seek counsel among each other. Husband is watching however, he too needs to feel appreciated beyond a text. Go ahead and reveal your adulation for him. 


A Friend!- How many true friends are out
there any way? That’s right, take the time to count them out. You know the friend you tell all your secrets and unabridged inhibitions. The friend who knows your family members not to mention those habits that you say you don’t have. Or the friend who has the most answers when we try our best to resolve “perplexing” situations. Yes, that friend. 


Mentor. The individual who knows. What do they know? Life! Life on this planet has taught them valuable lessons which needs interpretation to those who are willing to listen. Why are they important? Well they offer objective insight. We certainly garner their advice because they have the ability to see the positives and negatives without the need to insert feelings/emotions, therefore their existence is incredibly essential to our well being. Sometimes we lack comfort when we address situations through other members of our 10Core Strong Philopsophy. We fair judgement from such members and seek advice from those who can be impartial. Remember them. Acknowledge their importance. There’s absolutely no exaggeration that a mentor may be more important than family members. You never know. What we do know is this: Convey the right message with a mentor who has given so much.